Must-read Papers on Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction

Must-read papers on ECPE

ECPE: Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction.

It can be also named by 情感-原因对抽取 or 情感-原因关系抽取 in Chinese.


Chaofa Yuan, Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction: A Survey.

Task & Dataset

Official Definition

Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction: A New Task to Emotion Analysis in Texts R Xia, Z Ding. ACL 2019. [paper] [data] [official code] [PyTorch implementation]

Chinese Definition and Introduction

Task definition and introduction in Chinese. [Link] [中文简介]


  1. Rui Xia, Zixiang Ding. Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction: A New Task to Emotion Analysis in Texts. ACL (1) 2019: 1003-1012 [pdf] [data] [official code] [PyTorch implementation]
  2. Haolin Song, et al. End-to-end Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction via Learning to Link. arXiv preprint arXiv:2002.10710 (2020). [paper]
  3. Hongliang Bi, and Pengyuan Liu. ECSP: A New Task for Emotion-Cause Span-Pair Extraction and Classification. arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.03507 (2020). [paper]
  4. Hao Tang, Donghong Ji, and Qiji Zhou. Joint Multi-level Attentional Model for Emotion Detection and Emotion-cause Pair Extraction. Neurocomputing (2020). [paper] [code]
  5. Zixiang Ding, Rui Xia, Jianfei Yu. ECPE-2D: Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction based on Joint Two-Dimensional Representation, Interaction and Prediction. ACL 2020: 3161-3170 [paper] [code]
  6. Penghui Wei, Jiahao Zhao, Wenji Mao: Effective Inter-Clause Modeling for End-to-End Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction. ACL 2020: 3171-3181 [paper] [code]
  7. Chuang Fan, Chaofa Yuan, Jiachen Du, Lin Gui, Min Yang, Ruifeng Xu. Transition-based Directed Graph Construction for Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction. ACL 2020: 3707-3717 [paper] [code]
  8. Wu S, Chen F, Wu F, et al. A Multi-Task Learning Neural Network for Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction[J]. [paper] [code]


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